What Makes A Great Bed – A Mattress Buying Guide


There really isn’t a need to get a new mattress unless your old mattress has deteriorated to such a condition that it’s downright unusable or you’re having back problems with it. Mattresses tend to have a really long lifespan of up to 10 years if you care well for it or you buy a decent mattress brand in the first place. Mattress care can be done on your own without needing any external help or maintenance. A very good practice to start with would be to rotate your mattress from time to time so that the different weight distribution by different parts of your body does not affect the pressure put on the coils (if it’s an innerspring mattress you’re using).

sturdy-bedframeThe same can be said for memory foam mattresses despite how “durable” many people claim them to be. Wear and tear will inevitably occur as time passes and even the most expensive memory foam mattresses will not last you more than 15 years. Of course, having a sturdy bed frame helps in maintaining the shape and support of a mattress too. Assuming that you do require a new mattress though, it would be extremely beneficial to learn up some of the basic jargons in order to understand what would be the best type and size of mattress that you’re planning to get.

mattress-made-out-of-memory-foamMost mattresses either come with springs or are made entirely out of foam. Foam mattresses tend to be preferable since they do not lose any elasticity over time, unlike spring mattresses. If you notice how spring mattresses tend to lose their bounciness over time, that doesn’t happen to foam mattresses at all. This is even more so when it comes to memory foam mattresses. A memory foam mattress (at least from reputable brands) is usually able to sustain a very significant amount of constant pressure without losing its form or ability to return to its original shape after pressure has been lifted off of it. This is a great list of the top memory foam mattresses to start you off on your hunt. Memory foam mattresses will consist of many tiers of firmness, with the highest firmness providing the best support and would be suitable for those people who are bigger and heavier. This is so the mattress doesn’t sag when significant pressure is placed on certain spots of the bed.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that any memory foam mattress will be just fine for you. Optimal choices include choosing the firmness level of a memory foam mattress regardless of the model and brand that you’re getting it from. This is easily the most important factor in making the right choice of mattress for yourself. If a mattress feels too firm for you, you should definitely move on to the next option or in this case, ask for a plush mattress.

If you want to be picky, you should even look into each mattress’s foundation. The foundation of a mattress can make a huge difference in the overall comfort factor of a mattress. A solid and sturdy foundation means that the life of your mattress can be extended for a much longer period. Although a mattress’s foundation often comes as a set, you could try your luck by asking for a sturdier foundation. Perhaps they could remove the topmost layer of your mattress and swap it with another mattress’s for a custom fit. This is not unheard of especially in smaller local mattress stores.

These Cute Pillows Will Add A Taste Of Humor To Your Home


Have you been called ‘boring’ or ‘dull’ by your friends? Are you absolutely hilarious in everyday conversations but your home looks like it was decorated by a tax accountant? Well, one good way to add some humorous designs to your home, other than the standard ‘funny posters’ of course, which are so cliché and also more appropriate for a college student living in a dorm will be using some of these creatively designed pillows. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. emoji-pillowsPoop Emoji Pillow – Don’t lie, we both know you have been abusing the poop emoji in your text conversations with your friends. Dinner suggestion you don’t like? Poop emoji. Movie suggestion you don’t like? Poop emoji. It’s truly a versatile emoji and what better way to express your love for this emoji than with this poop emoji pillow? Please note that it’s a poop emoji pillow, not a poop pillow, meaning it comes with the smiley face too! (which takes it from somewhat weird and distasteful to downright hilarious). A perfect addition for your guest room, just so they get the message.
  1. Cupcake Body Pillow – Those who don’t own a body pillow don’t know what they’re missing (or maybe they have an actual person to cuddle with at night, *sobs quietly into body pillow*) and even better if it’s a funny novelty body pillow shaped like a cupcake! I repeat, it’s a body pillow shaped like a cupcake! And not just any lame blueberry muffin either, this one is a chocolate fudge cupcake with cream and sprinkles on top. The real deal for sure. Also a good gift for that someone who’s desperately trying to lose weight. Even better if they’ve been unsuccessful in their weight loss efforts, this pillow will be extra hilarious!
  1. Girlfriend Pillow With Arm – Perhaps you’ve seen those Japanese anime body pillows, which those shut-in nerds call their ‘waifus’. Just to clarify, that is not funny but creepy and sad. This pillow, on the other hand, is straight up hilarious. It’s basically a rectangular pillow with an arm protruding on the side and yes, two cushion ‘cups’ in the center. You know what I’m talking about. This is a great gag item, but I don’t recommend putting it in your bedroom; the living room would be the best place for this novelty pillow.
  1. black-moustache-pillowBlack Moustache Pillow – 95% of the time, a man with just a mustache and no associated beard or goatee, looks either hilarious or like a child molester (sometimes both, it’s called a molest-ache for a reason). Well, with this black moustache plush pillow, you can reap all the laughter benefits of a mustache without the pedophilia connotations. Suitable for any and all rooms in your house.
  1. The Godfather Horsehead Pillow – Remember that scene from The Godfather (if you haven’t go watch or re-watch that movie right now!) with the decapitated horse’s head left as a message? Well, now you too can recreate this iconic scene in your own bedroom, but without all that messy blood and animal cruelty. The eyes on this horse head pillow are also comically stitched as an ‘X’ so you know it’s more funny than demented. This pillow is pretty large and soft too so it may even make a good pillow for side sleepers. Just in case you didn’t already know, the type of pillow that is optimal for you depends on your usual sleeping positions at night. This high loft pillow comes highly recommended especially if you’re a side sleeper, but may not work as well for back or stomach sleepers. If you’re bringing home overnight guests from the bar or the club though, I suggest putting this one (temporarily) in the closet.
  1. Blood Puddle Pillow – It’s a red pillow shaped like a blood puddle. I don’t know what more needs to be said about this. Great for your study or office when you need to take a nap after an all-nighter studying, working, or (more likely) gaming.
  1. Steve Buscemi Throw Pillow – A simple throw pillow with Steve Buscemi’s face screen printed on the front. Nothing special or unique about its design, except IT’S STEVE BUSCEMI PEOPLE! This man’s face will never not be hilarious. For maximum effect, we suggest buying at least a dozen of these throw pillows and scatter them liberally throughout your home.
  1. Salmon Pillow – This highly detailed pillow is shaped like a whole salmon fish (not just the fillet!) shrink wrapped like you just bought it in the supermarket. If you can’t determine why it’s funny, I’m sorry but you’re just plain boring. BONUS: this pillow is ideal for pillow fights, you get to experience a little bit of the satisfaction you would get from slapping someone across the face with a real cold, slimy fish.

Which of the eight pillows above is your favorite? Where in your home would you place it? Let us know in the comments below.